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1. Vision School


A sufficient training is paramount to put into practice the 4 core values of the Fourth Wave of Missions (Diaspora, Local Church, Professional, and Here and Now). To accomplish this, we incorporate actual case studies, cross-cultural mission’s educa- tion, and spiritual training in order to broaden the perspective of lay missionaries and prepare them for effective missional work.

  a. Prospects: all lay church members and those interesting in missions and missionary candidates.

  b. Goal: confirm the calling of the lay missionary and emphasizing the impor- tance of lay missions. 

  c. Timeframe: Spring and fall semester consisting of 8 week course (total 16 weeks).

  d. Required Document: training application.




2. MP School (Mission & Practicum School)


Missions is not a program or a one-time event. Missions is a lifestyle, it is the Christian’s very life. MP School is designed to equip believers to live missional lifestyles in their local church context as well as in everyday life through OJT (on- the-job training). As the name implies, the focus is on how to very practically share the Gospel at home, at church, at work, at school, and wherever else God leads you. Graduates of the theory/lecture portion of MP school must serve as intern missionar- ies in their local churches and receive practical on-the-job training.

  a. Prospects: PGM Vision School graduates or those with favorable recom- mendation from their senior pastor.

  b. Goal: equip the lay church member to live a missional lifestyle of a genu- ine disciple.

  c. Timeframe: 12 week training course.

  d. Required Documents: training application and a letter of recommendation from their senior pastor. 




3. Long-term Missionary Intensive Training


Before being commissioned as a long-term missionary abroad, there is a 2-week long missionary training camp for those who desire to serve as long-term missionaries. Through this program, one receives spiritual training, crisis management skill training for when one is on the mission field, missions strategy training for effective ministry, manual labor/physical skills training, marriage counseling/seminars, and various other administrative training courses.

  a. Prospects: PGM MP School graduates or those with comparable missions training or are currently serving as

      lay missionaries in their local church.

  b. Goal: equip for spiritual warfare out on the mission field and overcome the many difficulties that missionary life

      brings with it.

  c. Timeframe: 2 week training camp.

  d. Required Documents: MP school completion certificate (for those who completed the course) or training documentation

      at another mission organi- zation, and a letter of recommendation from their senior pastor.




 4. Long-term Missionaries Abroad and Here and Now Missionaries


Those who complete the Vision School and MP School programs in their local church are commissioned as Here and Now missionaries, while those who complete the long-term missionary training camp are commissioned as long-term missionaries abroad.

  a. Here and Now missionary: all privilege and responsibilities are the same as those commissioned to serve abroad long-

      term, commit to serve as tent- maker missionaries, covering all ministry costs through work. Called to live with the same

      intentionality as a missionary abroad and channel it into Here and Now missions.
  b. Long-term missionary abroad: called to lay aside one’s life here and obey

      God’s call to serve a specific people or nation abroad, will be supported fi- nancially through supporting churches as well

      as tent-making efforts abroad. 




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