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President _ Rev. Sung Kee Ho


Education Background:
Daejeon Middle and High School Daejeon, South Korea

Emmanuel College Frankin Springs, Georgia

Princeton Theological Seminary Princeton, New Jersey

International Mission Institute London, England

Senior Pastor, Antioch Church of Philadelphia, Conshohocken, PA
International President, Professionals for Global Missions (PGM)




Welcome and thank you for your interest in Professionals for Global Missions (PGM). PGM is an indigenous diaspora missions organization that started in Korean diaspora churches in the United States.


We see and experience God's mission being fulfilled through this generation's wave of missions. God is spreading the gospel throughout the world in this generation through those who have left their hometown; 'scattered people on the move'. We thank God for the privilege to share the gospel through the 4 waves of missions. PGM is an interdenominational missions organization based on diaspora and for the diaspora.


PGM is also an organization that searches for and works with local diaspora churches to train them to become missional churches, and in turn have these churches dispatch their own missionaries. Other mission organizations train members from local churches who have received a calling and dispatch them directly from the organization. In comparison, PGM is a mission organization that goes into the local church and serves the local church so that the local church can train, dispatch, financially and otherwise support their own missionaries.


PGM is a missions organization that trains, equips, and dispatches those in the local church with the gifts, talents, and calling they have received as tools to become professional gospel sharers, so that a missional life starts within the church. All members are a royal priesthood and therefore all members are missionaries as well (1 Peter 2:9). PGM is a missions organization that raises members of local churches to be trained as missionaries, and as a part of the body of Christ, to have these members be professionals in the gospel.


Lastly, after receiving training in the local church, there will be a few number who will serve as missionaries in other countries, but PGM also equips all members to become "here and now" missionaries. Of course, those who receive a special calling are to go to the ends of the earth to share the gospel, but about 98% of members will not be able to do so, therefore they are to live a "here and now" missional life. We help local church members to realize that their family, church, workplace, any place that is not their native home is a mission field. PGM's calling is to raise up professionals who live a missional life in every day moments, without having to give up their career or job.


Please join us in participating and living out the great commission. Welcome.



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