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1. The Filling of the Holy Spirit Centered Mission

The most important and fundamental beginning of mission is the filling of the Holy Spirit through prayer and obedient to the Word.


2. Diaspora Centered Mission

All Christian Diaspora, that is including laymen and not just the pastors, must preach the gospel from the place to which they have been scattered.


3. Here & Now Centered Mission

Mission starts here and now where they are scattered.


4. Professional Centered Mission

Lay people are required to be built as ontological, gift oriented, and occupational professional missionaries as the member of the local church.

5. Local Church Centered Mission

Train and nurture the lay people in the local church as missionaries and send them into the world as ‘Christians’.


6. Church Plant Centered Mission

We must preach the Gospel and establish a local church wherever we go.


7. The Ends of the Earth Centered Mission

We must preach the gospel, even at the cost of our lives, to the ends of the earth that is places farthest from our reach culturally, linguistically and geographically.

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