PGM was established in November 1998 with the purpose of training professional missionaries and dispatching lay people and pastors. PGM is a nonprofit missions organization acknowledged by the US Federal and State Government, with Rev. Sung Kee Ho (Senior Pastor of Antioch Church of Philadelphia), Elder Soo Woong Kim (Vice President of CBMC (Connecting Business & Marketplace to Christ, Korea)), Elder Hyoung Wook Kang (Director of Now Medical Center, Korea; PGM second Chief Director), Rev. Choon Kil Yang (Senior Pastor of Pilgrim Church of New Jersey), and Rev. Jung In Soo (Senior Pastor of Korean Community Presbyterian Church of Atlanta) as its central figures.

PGM is a non-denominational missions organization with a vision to awaken the Korean Diaspora, to train and develop their professional gifts in the context of their local church to help them live as missionaries through their life calling (family, work place, and school), right here and right now (Here & Now), and train them to preach the Gospel "to the ends of the earth."


PGM's Vision

PGM raises laypersons and pastors who have various skills, knowledge, talents, and callings. PGM trains these people to be used as dedicated, God-pleasing missionaries.  PGM then dispatches them out into local churches, local society, and to the entire world.  PGM goes wherever the Gospel and missionaries are needed, and our missional ministries vary based on each missionary. But the ultimate goal is to save souls and plant churches.


Where Do PGM Missionaries Serve? 

PGM has dispatched about 130 professional missionaries into 24 countries in the world so far. They are witnesses of the living God through various ministries such as sports, medical services, acupuncture, academia, broadcasting, oriental medicine, youth praise, nursing homes, orphanage, social administration, nursing, building churches, veterinary services, etc. They are efficiently preaching the Word of God not only where it is difficult to share the Gospel, such as countries within the 10/40 window, but also within their own lives (family, work place, and school) which are immediately present in our lives (Here & Now) with the spirit of “into their lives with our lives.”


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