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One of the most salient characteristics of PGM’s missions philosophy and strategy is the crucial cooperation and teamwork between the missionary, the local church, and the missions organization. Each has a very specific and important role to play. PGM seeks cooperation and collaboration with the local church, seeks to build a relationship of love and trust with the missionary, and emphasizing a clear sense of ownership in the ministry among the missionary and the local church.


  a. PGM - seeks to empower and equip the local church through various missions training programs, mission strategy      

                 development, etc. PGM also provides missionaries with follow-up and care, continued ministry support through

                 specialized short-term teams, and providing consistent communica- tion and follow-up with supporting churches

                 and individuals supporting mis- sionaries financially and through prayer.

  b. The local church – raises up missionaries through OJT (on-the-job train- ing), supports the missionary wholeheartedly,

                                     supports PGM’s ministry, sends out short-term mission teams to help the missionary’s ministry.

  c. The missionary – is the agent of mission on the field, carefully observes and plans out effective mission strategies to

                                  implement through action, evaluation, interpretation, and reform. Also challenges the local churches to

                                  be more involved in missions, provides the local church a place where the local church can serve, thus

                                 fomenting a strong sense of ownership for the mis- sion work being done by the entire local church. The

                                 missionary helps the local church move from a consumer mindset in missions to a more produc- tive

                                 mindset by edifying local ministries. The missionary also serves to shift the local church’s view of short-

                                 term missions from a one-time project or trip to a long-term process of investment and growth. 

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