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What is a child sponsorship?

It is a mission ministry that helps children to be raised up as disciples of Jesus Christ, and furthermore as missionaries by matching needs and prayers with children in mission fields who absolutely need support.

What kind of children are the sponsored children?

A child belonging to a mission center or a local church where PGM missionaries serve. They are children from extremely poor families who do not receive proper education or have difficulty having a meal.

PGM missionaries provide and educate children’s needs, and train them in the Word and prayer. In addition, PGM missionaries will continually report children’s support and current status to the PGM headquarters. Therefore, you can check the adequacy and transparency of donation executions at any time. 


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What are the benefits of sponsored children?

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How do you do a PGM child sponsorship?

PGM 아동결연은 어떻게 하나요?

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